Chris Elsden is a PhD researcher at Culture Lab, Newcastle University. His research explores how digital traces created by the use of personal informatics mediate the experience of remembering, and how personal data can become a meaningful possession.

Mark Selby is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh. He conducts design-led research that explores relationships between digital and material to find new opportunities for value and meaning between people and data.

Dave Kirk is a Senior Lecturer of Experience-Centred Design, at Culture Lab, Newcastle University. His research actively explores the relationships between human memory, practices of memorialization and digital data. He has successfully organized and run four previous CHI workshops.

Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh where he leads the Design Informatics Research Centre and MA/MSc programmes. He is involved in a series of funded research projects that involve gathering, mediating and designing with sensor data in domestic settings.


Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us if you’re interested in submitting or have any questions about this workshop.