A key aim for this workshop is to open up a design space focused on the lived experience of personal informatics. At the same time, we would like to leave the workshop with some design work which can serve as an articulation of our discussions. We hope these can be taken forward beyond CHI, and provoke further debate and reflection.

The design activities will be undertaken in small groups, however like the parlour game ‘Exquisite Corpse’ – a method to collectively assemble a picture – groups will be collectively working towards creating a design brief, design solution, and critique. This will broadly work as follows:

a) Each group will identify an interesting experience-centred design space (based on the morning’s discussion and some cultural probes materials we’ve collected), and write a corresponding design brief.

b) They will swap their brief with another group, and then design a technology or service in response to the brief.

c) They will pass their design onto a third group, who will imagine they have lived with the technology for some time, and be asked to write a utopian, and dystopian review and critique of their experience.

We hope to end the day with 6 wide-ranging briefs, designs and reviews, each the collective work of three groups. Put another way, each group will have contributed to 3 of the final designs and reviews. As well as encouraging creativity and clarity, and fostering interaction between groups we also hope that doing making this collective work will create the best environment for discussion of different designs, and provide opportunities for how we can together take the resulting work forward as a significant, shared output of the workshop.