Authors will present their work as part of three loosely grouped panel discussions.

Each panel will be roughly 45 minutes long. While loosely grouped, we would encourage authors to have a look at least at the papers from authors they share a panel with (shown here). These loosely grouped panels will serve both to give a platform for authors to describe and discuss their work, while also providing the starting point for a collaborative mapping out of themes, ideas and concerns, which directly feed into the afternoon’s design session.

One author from each paper, will have 4 minutes, to present their position papers. These timings mean that roughly half of each panel is given over to presentation, half to discussion.  If you wish to use slides, we would encourage you to limit these to no more than three, and avoid too much text.  To speed things along, we would like to collate these slides in advance of the workshop, therefore we would be very grateful if you could send us your slides by Tuesday April 14th. 

During the panel, each speaker will present in succession, with discussion between the panel and floor coming after all authors have spoken. To lead this discussion, we would like authors to conclude with up to three provocations or questions arising from their work, which they hope to address in the workshop. These questions, along with questions and contributions from the floor, will be collated by a moderator (Yes, this means post-it notes!), to interactively generate questions, ideas and themes that will be used as a starting point for the afternoon’s design work.