This highly interactive CHI 2017 workshop aims to bring together a mix of researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, with a shared concern and critical perspectives on a data-driven life and its connection to social relationships.

‘Relationships’ provide a focal point for understanding the social implications of personal informatics, but this is deliberately wide-ranging in scope. We particularly encourage work and work-in-progress which are drawn from practical, empirical or design-led experience working with data in social contexts. This may include (or go beyond):

• Case studies, ethnography or ‘vignettes’ of data situated in particular relationships;
• Novel technology deployments in social contexts;
• Research through design or speculative design projects;
• Reflections on socially-oriented methods;
• Reflective or critical pieces.

Participants are asked to submit a 4-page position paper (in CHI Extended Abstract format) in PDF format – by email to – presenting aspects of their own work that respond to the areas of interest above.

Submissions should also include a short paragraph describing two ‘data relationships’ the authors are especially interested in discussing at the workshop, as well as a short personal biography (max 200 words).

Through panel discussions and a series of ‘speed dates’ with other participants, the workshop will generate a compelling catalogue of ‘data relationships’, which richly describe the messiness, intricacies and sensitivity of human relationships, as they are mediated by data.

At least one author of each accepted position paper must register and attend the workshop. All participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference.

For any questions about this workshop, write to Chris Elsden directly: c.r.elsden(at)