Here’s a list of accepted workshop papers and panels to be presented at the workshop. Follow the links to download a pdf of each paper, or all the papers can be downloaded via Dropbox here.


Panel 1: Data Relationships and Health

Supporting Patient-Provided Communication and Relationships with Personal Informatics Data
Chia-Fang Chung, Jessica Schroeder, Jasmine Zia, James Fogarty, Julie A. Kientz, Sean A. Munson
University of Washington

Quantified Data in Cancer Rehabilitation: Way to Learn to Know Yourself Again?
Katerina Cerna, Gunnar Steineck
University of Gothenberg

SleepBeta: Engaging Adolescents and their Parents with Sleep Data
Bernd Ploderer, Dhaval Vyas, Sean Nolan, Cameron Happer, Thomas Cunningham, Zilu Liang
Queensland University of Technology & University of Tokyo

Performance Measurements and Social Relationships in Health Care

Kathleen H. Pine
Arizona State University


Panel 2: Making Sense of Data Relationships

Exploring Opportunities for Storytelling with Everyday Personal Data

Daniel Epstein, James Fogarty, Sean A. Munson
University of Washington

Storytelling as a Space for Reflection on Parent and Child’s Physical Activity Data
Herman Saksono, Andrea Parker
Northeastern University

Better Together: Reciprocal Sharing and Social Sensemaking of Data
Aare Puussaar, Adrian K. Clear, Peter Wright
Newcastle University

Personal Tracking and Everyday Relationships: Reflections on three prior studies
John Rooksby
University of Glasgow


Panel 3: New Orientations to Data Relationships

From Sensing Bodies to Reading Minds: The Social Life of Biosignals
Nick Merrill, Coye Cheshire, Elaine Sedenberg
UC Berkeley

Sharing & Exploring Quantified-Self Data on In-Place Experiences and Emotions
Shenando Stals, Michael Smyth, Oli Mival
Edinburgh Napier University

Data Craft: Integrating Data into Daily Practices and Shared Reflections
Alice Thudt, Uta Hinrichs, Sheelagh Carpendale

Life Swap: Swapping Life Experiences Through Data Conversations

Rowanne Fleck, University of Birmingham