The theme of data and relationships is deliberately wide-ranging in its scope. The following are examples of the areas of interest that we hope to address with attendees at the workshop.

Data and social relationships
• Data in family and home life

• Data, dating and relationships
• Data, working relationships and professional identity
• Data in shared and co-operative leisure activities

Shared Interactions with Data
• How is the meaning and value of data jointly established/interpreted?
• How do we get beyond competition when sharing data?
• What are the social and cultural norms structuring data practices?

Data & Identities
• How are past, present and future identities bound up and shared with data?
• How can quantified data be a mode of personal expression?
• What can we learn about others and ourselves through sharing data?
• What can data not tell us about ourselves?

Data Inequalities 

• How do people challenge or resolve problematic data?
• How do actors’ relative agency and power- balance play out when mediated with data?

Systems/Platforms for Sharing 

• How can we design for sharing data in different situations and contexts?
• What are examples of good/successful shared data features/platforms?

Methods for Studying Data Relationships
• How can we study natural/in-the-wild social interactions with data?