HCIxDementia Workshop: The Role of Technology and Design in Dementia

With an increasing amount of work within HCI targeting people who have dementia, it is important to understand the ways that various factors influence the technology that is designed for people with dementia, and the way individuals adopt and use (or don’t use) this technology. A nuanced understanding of this is especially important given the ethical and logistical issues of designing for and with a population that still faces significant marginalization, and who (along with family, carers, and clinicians) are managing a condition as complex as dementia. This two-day workshop at CHI 2017 aims to bring together HCI researchers and members from the dementia care community, to explore three subthemes of cross-cultural and local experiences of dementia, creativity and dementia, and personhood & citizenship in dementia.

This workshop will not focus solely on academic outputs but will have a strong basis in practice as well. We have engaged personally with partners in Denver who have committed to act as sponsors for this workshop, having traveled to Denver in September 2016 in order to engage these groups more directly. As a result, these groups will be attending the workshop to share their experiences, concerns and help us to shape our research agenda.

For more information, please see our full workshop proposal.

More information on submissions can be found on the call for participation page.