Designing for Emotional Wellbeing – IJHCS Special Issue is now published

Designing for Emotional Wellbeing

International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 72, Issues 809, pages 627-688 (August-September 2014). For more information and access to all papers visit:

About Anja Thieme

Anja is a researcher on the SiDE Research Hub having previosly been a PhD student in the School of Computing Science (Culture Lab) since 2010.

Before she came to Newcastle she did a Bachelor and Master’s degree in applied cognition and media sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen. During her studies she worked as a student assistant in the department of cognitive psychology, the department of interactive systems and interaction design, and in the department of social psychology (media and communication).

Anja’s main research area is user experience and how technological objects can become emotionally and personally meaningful to the individual. She is particularly interested in how tangible real world objects or artefacts with incorporated technology can be applied to support people’s quality of life.

In her PhD she explores the role of digital technology and interaction design in supporting the wellbeing of individuals suffering from mental illness such as clinical depression, borderline personality disorder or dementia. The PhD aims to supplement existing health care practices, providing functionality that supports individuals copings with emotional distress, helping them form and maintain positive interpersonal relationships and foster a sense of self and identity, and motivating engagement in activities that make life meaningful.

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