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About Andy Dow

I have a background in performing arts, working at times as an actor, performer and filmmaker. My undergraduate studies were in English Literature and Film studies at Glasgow University. Since coming to Newcastle University I have completed an MSc in Computer Science and have now joined the Digital Civics program at Open Lab as a doctoral trainee.

I was introduced to HCI research through my Masters project where I explored performance control in 3D using above surface, gestural interaction techniques implemented on the Microsoft SecondLight system. In my PhD research I will continue research begun since commencing the Digital Civics program, developing digital platforms for organisations working in social care. Currently, I am working collaboratively with voluntary and community sector organisations to develop tools that allow them to explore, understand and develop elements of their work practices supporting members of the local community. Specifically, these tools take the form of lightweight, situated feedback capture mechanisms.

Call for Participation

This two-day workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers, designers and practitioners who are currently working on wellbeing in the field of interaction design or health care, or are interested in the topic. Wellbeing is defined as positive … Continue reading

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