As part of this workshop we used .NET gadgeteer for the design of interactive prototypes aiming to enhance a person’s emotional and social wellbeing. In groups of 5 to 7, our workshop participants developed four amazing prototypes. These rang from (i) a design that invites mindful movements in everyday life (Mindful Movement) by sensing a person’s position and posture and translating it into a specific audio soundscape that the individual listens to; (ii) life tagging technology (bWell – the Bespoke Wearable Life Logger) capturing rich, biographical and contextual data to help individuals with dementia in the development of healthy routines (e.g., medication intake); (iii) a wake up aid that plays music according to the atmosphere in the room through incorporated light and temperature sensors, allowing for a more gentle, gradual and spontaneous waking up experience  in the morning (ATMO); and finally, (vi) a design concept that allows an intimate sharing of positive expressions between people (Mood Tubes) and can be worn as a piece of beautiful digital jewellery on the body.

A big thank you to all workshop participants for their great engagement and creativity (particularly regarding the various alternative uses of the conference materials – bags and badges).