Workshop Papers

Workshop Abstract
Thieme, A., Balaam, M., Wallace, J., Coyle, D., and Lindley, S. (2012). Designing Wellbeing. In Proc. DIS 2012, ACM Press, 789-790. doi:10.1145/2317956.2318075
Preprint: Designing wellbeing

Workshop Papers
Promoting a Healthy Life Style: How to Improve Long Term Adherence
R. Achterkamp and M. M. R. Vollenbroek-Hutten

VR Technology and Well-Being: an Oxymoron?
Steffi Beckhaus

Service Innovation for Living Well with Type 1 Diabetes
Simon Bowen and Daniel Wolstenholme

Mobile Emotional Toolkit: Alleviation inspired by DBT
Lysa Clavenna

Social Health Games for Wellbeing: A Methodological Approach
Alberto Fuchslocher, Katharina Emmerich, Maic Masuch and Nicole Krämer

Understanding and Designing Wellbeing in Relation to our Material Environment
Mary Galvin

A Proposal To Support Wellbeing in People With Borderline Personality Disorder: Applying Reminiscent Theory in a Mobile App
Alice Good, Clare Wilson, Claire Ancient and Arunasalam Sambhanthan

Psychological Perspectives on Using Technology to Enhance Wellbeing: Promises and Pitfalls
John Greaney

The Day Gyro Gearloose Discovered Well-being
Thomas Groß

Well-being, Need Fulfillment, and Experience Design
Marc Hassenzahl and Sarah Diefenbach

Gender Identity Polarization and Impact upon Well-Being
Kev Hilton

Designing and Evaluating Systems to Support Emotional and Social Wellbeing
Clare J. Hooper

Designing Alternative, Non-Clinical Interventions for Generalized Anxiety
Kristin Koch

Designing to Support Wellbeing in Dementia: Experiences with Participatory Design in the KITE Project
Stephen Lindsay

Designing for the Person Living with Parkinson’s: A Focus on Wellbeing Beyond Functionality
Róisín McNaney, Nicholas Miller, Richard Walker and Patrick Olivier

Challenges of Evaluating Wellbeing Technology in the NHS
Cecily Morrison

Probing the Patient Experience
Tara Mullaney

Magic Land: Overcoming Design Challenges in Non-Directive Play Therapy
Olga Pykhtina, Madeline Balaam, Gavin Wood, Sue Pattison and Patrick Olivier

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