The two-day workshop will consist of both practical activities and discussion to fully interrogate what wellbeing is, how it can be facilitated through design, what place technology has in supporting an individual’s wellbeing and what ethical questions such research raises.

1st Day
The workshop will start with a brief introduction of the workshop and its participants. From here, the meeting will take an interactive discussion approach with short presentations from each participant on their position on wellbeing. Structured along the five workshop themes, each set of presentations will be enhanced by a practical activity that resembles the design theme (e.g., a short meditation practice as a form of self-management towards mental rest and balance) to allow for an experience of a wellbeing supporting activity in the respective context. The organizers will actively engage with the participants to stimulate discussion on the presentations, activities and design themes. The first day closes with a summary and an outlook on the agenda of the second day. A workshop dinner will be organized for the evening.

2nd Day
Inspired by the talks and experiences of the first day, participants will be grouped into design teams and invited to create a wellbeing supporting low-fidelity prototype using Microsoft .Net Gadgeteer and other prototyping materials. The design activities will take place in the morning and will be filmed for later documentation. After lunch, all groups will be given time to prepare a presentation of their design prototype in the form of a poster, including a brief description of their design aims as well as an outlook on how their prototype could be realized and evaluated. Following the presentations, challenges, ethics and needs for evaluating interactive designs will be discussed. Finally, the organizers will summarize the achievements of both days and motivate future collaborations.

Details on the agenda of both workshop days will be included soon!

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