I am currently a Research Fellow at UCL, working on Autonomous Internet of Things (a-iot.org). Before, I was a PhD student at Open Lab, Digital Interaction Group, Newcastle University under the supervision of David Kirk. My main interests lie in creating new interfaces and exploring modern technologies such as interactive surfaces, embedded sensors and actuators. My current research focusses on Tangible User Interfaces and physical prototyping and how autonomous behaviour could be implemented in these interfaces. I try to achieve this by prototyping interactive objects that show signs of autonomy. Through qualitative analysis I hope to gain a closer understanding of humans perceptions of these. At the moment, I particularly enjoy prototyping with arduino and laser cutting. Check out my instructable on how to make an autonomous helium balloon: http://www.instructables.com/id/Diri-the-actuated-helium-balloon/ me
I finished my B.Sc. in Information Technology at University of Wuppertal in Germany in 2010 and decided to change directions a bit, towards Computing Science and Human-Computer Interaction. I therefore started my Masters in Applied Computing Science at University Duisburg-Essen. I finished my Masters during an internship at Open Lab (Culture Lab back then), Newcastle University, where I worked on the detection of active objects on Multi-Touch Tables. In September 2012 I registered as full-time PhD student at Newcastle University with the outline to explore autonomous behaviour in Tangible User Interfaces.

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