Spheres of Wellbeing

I played a small role in this project by Anja Thieme. The Spheres of Wellbeing are a set artefacts specifically designed for a group of six women who live in the medium secure services of a forensic hospital in the UK. These women present a very vulnerable group due to the severity of their mental health problems, extremely challenging behaviors and their motivational difficulties to engage in therapeutic treatment. The Spheres are designed to promote the mental wellbeing of the women and to help them in the learning and practice of vital skills of their specialist treatment Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).While the design concepts had been primarily informed by hospital staff and the literature, the importance to also actively and sensitively involve the women into a co-design of their artefacts became very apparent. The design specifications of the Spheres therefore make the starting point in a creative process, whereby each woman contributes to a personalised design of her Spheres through a series of creative activities with the researcher.