Workshop Papers


Workshop Extended Abstract

Enabling Empathy in Health and Care: Design Methods and Challenges (Ext. Abst. CHI’14, pp. 139-142);  ACM Link
Anja Thieme, John Vines, Jayne Wallace, Rachel Clarke, Petr Slovak, John McCarthy, Michael Massimi and Andrea Grimes Parker


Accepted Workshop Papers

Sensors for Healthcare: Would you want them in your home?
Alison Burrows, Rachael Gooberman-Hill, Ian Craddock and David Coyle

The Empathy of a Champion User
Hilary Davis, Frank Vetere, Jenny Waycott, Elizabeth Ozanne, Amee Morgans and Lars Kulik

Listen Here: The Role of Narrative and Performance Dialogue in Enabling Empathy
Tess Denman-Cleaver

Opportunities for Empathetic Responses in Field Interview Scenarios Investigating Home Health Routines
Jordan Eschler, Wanda Pratt and James D. Ralston

GiveForward: Empowering Compassion
Lauren Haynes

Empathic Memory in Healthcare: Design Challenges for Supporting Sentimental Work and Emotional Labor
Jasmine Jones and Elizabeth Kaziunas

Loneliness in the Digital Age: Building Strategies for Empathy and Trust
Shaun Lawson, John Vines, Mike Wilson, Julie Barnett and Manuela Barreto

Addressing Empathy during research in Memory Care Units
Amanda Lazar, Hilaire Thompson and George Demiris

Are you Feeling it? The Use of Comic Strips to Encourage Empathy in Design
Makayla Lewis and Lizzie Coles-Kemp

Design for One: An Empathic Approach to Design for an Expert User
Henry Lin, Leila Aflatoony and Ron Wakkary

Designing Empathy: Ritual Respect
Lynn-Sayers McHattie and Cara Broadley

Empathy and Medical Error Research
Chrystie Myketiak and Paul Curzon

VR Therapy: Management of Chronic Pain using Virtual Mindfulness Training
Mark Nazemi and Diane Gromala

Empathy as an Approach to Co-Design Wearable Sensors for Older Users in a Care Home
Sara Nevay, Joanne Hodge, Hazel White and Chris Lim

Co-creating Community Wellbeing with the Sandbox Model: Facilitating Empathic Engagements
Cameron Norman, Josina Vink, Tai Hunyh, Oksana Kachur and Kate Sellen

Reflecting on Empathy during Mobile Medical Device Research
Aisling Ann O’Kane and Ann Blandford

Experiences with Empathy in the Research of Primary Health Centres
Robert Racadio

Walk a Mile in my Shoes: Reflecting on Studies with People with Chronic Pain
Aneesha Singh, Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze and Amanda Williams

Asking about Health: Enabling Empathy in Research with Homeless Young People
Jill Palzkill Woelfer

Exploring the Communication Needs of People with Disabilities Through Participatory Design
Miriam Zisook and Rupa Patel