Everyday Surveillance

8th May 2015 @ San Jose, CA, USA


She’ll know when I’m in the bathroom…

… and then I thought, well what can they see? 


….They just know I’m there …

(Vines et al., 2013)

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to rethink and understand everyday surveillance practices. Topics include: new forms of surveillance that accompany developments in Big Data and the Internet of Things; self and peer surveillance via data-logging and wearable sensors; the anticipated and unanticipated effects of a surveillance culture; reconfiguring surveillance so as to empower the citizen or contribute to social good.

We invite interested researchers to submit a 2-page position paper in CHI ACM Extended Abstract Format (Word Template/LaTEX Template) relating to any of the topics identified above or related themes.

The first deadline for submissions will be 21st December 2015 and the final deadline will be 15th January 2016 and at least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and register for one day of the conference.

Accepted position papers will be published on the Resources section of this website prior to the start of the event for attendants to read and we will also discuss a published output. The workshop will involve participants bringing examples of surveillance data in order to develop a new theoretical framework with which to consider surveillance. We will also discuss the requirements for new research and design tools and methodologies for surveillance data.

Please direct queries and paper submissions to James Nicholson (james.nicholson@northumbria.ac.uk).