Helen Rice

h.rice2@ncl.ac.uk | Doctoral Trainee

Helen Rice

I am a researcher in Digital Civics at Open Lab. I have a background in social research, mostly health related. Prior to joining Open Lab I cofounded a cooperative in Scotland promoting self employment as an option for people with long term conditions seeking flexible ways of working.

My current research interests are in health, illness, ageing, disability and caring and how these relate to technology. I have particular interests in:

  • critical social research into self-tracking;
  • the ways in which new technologies are influencing how we think about our bodies;
  • technology to support caring (both informal and formal);
  • technology, cooperatives and social enterprises for health and well being;
  • technology and surveillance in the workplace;
  • innovative research and design methods.

When away from screens I like to craft, cook and sing.


Twitter: @HRiceResearch


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