Tim Shaw

t.m.shaw@ncl.ac.uk | Doctoral Trainee

Tim Shaw

As an artist-researcher, making is central to my practice which is situated in the context of sound and media art. My work draws inspiration from acoustic ecology and electroacoustic composition as well as areas of anthropology and philosophy. I aim to open up alternative listening experiences through the construction of (or heighted awareness of) new sonic environments. Through this process of making I construct experimental instruments, installations, performances and assemblages using self-built and DIY (open source) technologies. This approach, whereby making is the primary activity, allows for my practical endeavours to embody and articulate (rather than represent) various forms of knowledge. In my practice I am interested in a variety of materials across a number of mediums, I have actively engaged with archives, technologies, people and places as sources of creative material.


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Associated Projects

  • Stained glass
    Shortly after Easter 2017 the medieval St Andrew’s Church in Heckington, Lincolnshire witnessed an immersive world of art, sound and history. A collection of artworks and performances used digital technologies to show the church’s past and its plac...
    August 30, 2011
  • Thinking Through Making: a practical approach to research and knowledge creation.
    [caption id="attachment_6743" align="alignnone" width="300"] Photo Ryan Collins[/caption] In recent years, Tim Ingold has articulated and asserted the importance of making as a methodology in anthropology, archaeology, art and architecture...
    August 30, 2011
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