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Cuong Pham

Cuong was a PhD student in the Digital Interaction Group until 2012 when he left to take up a lectureship at the Post & Telecommunications Institute in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Associated Projects

  • Fiber Chopping Board
    Fiber Chopping Board (FCB) was designed and developed to track people's fresh food preparation activities in a domestic kitchen. The FCB was compactly designed “as normal a chopping board as possible” (i.e. with technology that is effectively invis...
    August 30, 2011
  • Ambient Kitchen
    The Ambient Kitchen is a platform for research in pervasive computing that was installed at Culture Lab in 2007. It is a proof-of-concept context-aware computing environment, originally designed to demonstrate the potential for technology to support ol...
    August 30, 2011
  • Balance@Home
    The aim of this project is to help European citizens to obtain consumer solutions for hassle-free guidance towards a balanced lifestyle regarding meal planning and preparation and personal choice. We explore methods for inferring eating habits in a...
    August 30, 2011
  • Human Activity Recognition for Pervasive Interaction
    In this project, we developed a Human Activity Recognition (HAR) framework using sensors embedded into kitchen utensils. The first version of HAR framework, Slice&Dice, was developed to detect 11 low-level, fine-grained food preparation activit...
    August 30, 2011
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