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Tom Schofield

I am an artist, designer and researcher with seven years professional experience working as part of interdisciplinary, creative teams. My practice-based research spreads across creative digital media, archives and collections interface design / visualisation and physical computing and I design, code, build and write about this work in equal measure. My artwork has been exhibited internationally and I publish in media art, design and HCI contexts (see publications below). I also teach in and out of academia focussing particularly on the role of new technologies in culture as it impacts in architecture, art, literature and design.
My PhD thesis (2015) explored the role of technological materiality in developing works of art and design as part of ecologies of experience. I maintain a portfolio website for my practice here.


Co-Producing Collections: Re-imagining a Polyvocal Past with Cultural Probes
Schofield T, Foster-Smith D, Bozoglu G, Whitehead C, Open Library of Humanities35-35


Network Time Where it Counts. Temporality and Critical Approaches to Infrastructure
Schofield T, Arrigoni G, Design For Next: Proceedings of the 12th European Academy of Design ConferenceS283-S293
Schofield T, Jones N, Skinner S, 1
Exploring Space with Field Venturer
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Transitions in Digital Personhood: Online Activity in Early Retirement
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"I've been manipulated!": Designing Second Screen Experiences for Critical Viewing of Reality TV
Feltwell T, Wood G, Long K, Brooker P, Schofield T, Petridis I, Barnett J, Vines J, Lawson S, 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems2252-2263
Research through design and digital humanities in practice: What, how and who in an archive research project
Schofield T, Whitelaw M, Kirk D, Digital Scholarship in the Humanitiesi103-i120



Research Through Design and Digital Humanities in Practice: What, How and Who in an Archive Research Project.
Schofield T, Kirk D, Whitelaw M, Digital Humanities
Neurotic Armageddon Indicator
Schofield T, 1
The Marginalia Machine
Schofield T, A showcase event of innovative creative design research
Prototyping Heritage: Collections, Materials and Emerging Approaches to Engagement.
Arrigoni G, Schofield T, Shaw T, Bowers J, Proceedings of the 2nd Connected Communities Heritage Network Symposium1-13
Archival Liveness: Designing with Collections Before and During Cataloguing and Digitization
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The Palimpsest Machine
Schofield T, Bowers J, 1
Understanding Artistic Prototypes between Activism and Research
Arrigoni G, Schofield T, XCOAX2015
Poetics of the Archive: Creative Community Engagement with the Bloodaxe Archive
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Data Materialism in Art Making
Schofield T, Leonardo Electronic Almanac
Repeating the past: lessons for visualisation from the history of computer art
Schofield T, International Symposium for Electronic Arts
Trigger Shift: Participatory Design of an Augmented Theatrical Performance with Young People
Schofield T, Vines J, Higham T, Carter E, Atken M, Golding A, 9th ACM Conference on Creativity & Cognition203-212
Indexicality and visualization: exploring analogies with art, cinema and photography
Schofield T, D&#246, rk M, Dade-Robertson M, 9th ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition175-184
<em>Null By Morse</em>: Historical Optical Communication to Smartphones
Schofield T, Leonardo344-352

Associated Projects

  • The Poetics of the Archive: Creative and Community Engagement with the Bloodaxe Archive
    This AHRC funded, 18 month project explores the 60 000 item archive of Bloodaxe Books, one of the most eminent and innovative contemporary poetry publishers in the world. This collaborative project involving the Digital Interaction group, the departmen...
    August 30, 2011
  • PATINA: Personal Architectonics of Interfaces to Artefacts
    Through the course of their research, scholars are faced with competing relational networks and “ontologies of space”—this being the structural limitations of, and other factors that affect the way users experience, their virtual, physical and im...
    August 30, 2011
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