Vidya Sarangapani | Doctoral Trainee

Vidya Sarangapani

My life-roles span around being a researcher, educator, learner, mother, warrior, feminist and seeker.

As a researcher at Open Lab, I work with schools in England to examine how they are engaging with digital technologies for teaching and learning purposes. I specifically look at the impact of digital technologies in developing thinking skills in young people within the context of cross-cultural learning and the role of brokerage to facilitate the above. As an educator, I am interested to experiment on the use of non-conventional learning approaches for curricular learning and vouch for the use of EPBL (Enquiry/Project Based Learning) methods. I am also keen to build knowledge networks and I do this by initiating international links between schools/learning institutions.

As a learner, I wish to challenge my ability to engage in new learning by practicing the traditional Indian classical dance Kathak. In doing so I have realised that entwining your passion with your discipline can be meditative. As a mother, I absorb life-lessons from my five-year old daughter by intently listening to her and documenting her little wisdom on my twitter handle @saarangv. As a warrior, I ensure to lend my voice to issues of inequity and inequality, even though, at times, I have found that I am the only one doing it.

As a feminist, I constantly seek to be a reminder on why feminism (and feminist theories/approaches) is important to men, women, animals, cars, computers, rockets, trees, plants and every other molecule occupying this world. As a seeker, I am engulfed by the transformative goodness of Kriya yoga and I soak in the delight it offers by practicing it every single day.




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