Sunil Rodger | Doctoral Trainee

Sunil Rodger

I am a third-year Digital Civics PhD student registered in Sociology and based at Open Lab, Newcastle University. I am supervised by Professor Janice McLaughlinProfessor Pete Wright, and Professor John Vines.

My research project, Journeying, seeks to understand the experiences of disabled people in public space. I have worked with powered wheelchair users to enable them to document their experiences of 'getting about' cities and public transport, through the use of mobile technologies. We are exploring ways that these experiences might be used to bring about more accessible places and interactions.

My research interests encompass humanities, social sciences and technology. My current research, which explores the experiences of powered wheelchair users in getting around public space, lies at the intersection of disability studies, human geography, sociology, urbanism and human computer interaction.

I am particularly interested the roles played by technologies in diverse, geographically dispersed communities, such as diasporas and those living with rare diseases, and how technologies may be used to enhance civic participation and influence policymaking.

I have an undergraduate degree in Modern History and International Relations, and masters degrees in Modern History, Politics, and Digital Civics. These focused respectively on US foreign policy, Zimbabwean diaspora politics, and the use of technology by rare disease patient organisations.

I previously worked in translational neuromuscular research for the TREAT-NMD Alliance, focusing on liaison and engagement between clinicians, researchers, patients and families.



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Did Perception of the Economy Affect Attitudes to Immigration at the 2010 British General Election?
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The TREAT-NMD care and trial site registry: an online registry to facilitate clinical research for neuromuscular diseases
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