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edward.jenkins@newcastle.ac.uk | Senior Research Software Engineer

Edward Jenkins

Edward Jenkins is a Senior Research Software Engineer working on the development of self-sustainable community driven applications. Edward completed his bachelors degree in computer science at Newcastle University with a final year project exploring the area of collaborative design in an online workspace. This project explored the implications and potential of crowdsourcing design tasks in an online environment and has led to the development of new platforms in the lab. Edward holds a strong interest in mobile application development, web-design and graphic design with the intent of creating scaleable systems and clean interfaces.

Below are some of the projects Edward has been involved in since joining the lab in June 2013.


App Movement

The App Movement project takes inspiration from Edward's final year project and consists of a web platform to support crowdsourcing design of mobile applications. The website provides a space for groups of individuals to gain support for an app idea and then work as a team to design the application to their shared requirements. Finally the application is generated based upon their contributions and deployed across multiple mobile platforms. One of the main issues with launching a mobile application is the 'cold start' problem, this system aims to step over this by requiring 'movements' to gain X number of supporters.


Expressive Interaction using wrist-worn IMUs

This project was an exploration of how wrist-worn sensing devices could be used to improve the level of expression when interacting with a modern touch-screen device.


Feed Finder

Consisting of a multi-platform mobile application that empowers breastfeeding women to share and discover places to feed in their local area. Users can add places to an interactive map and share reviews, which consist of star rated categories and a short text review.


Live Well

This project involved the design and development of a mobile application that allows users to share recipes with the community, discover healthy ideas and manage a smarter shopping list. The intended outcome of the application is to nudge users towards cooking healthier meals and explores the way social pressure and nudge techniques could be used to achieve such a goal.



Impactometer brings together crime stats, news and twitter feeds and data on when bills are proposed and enacted. The app provides an easy way to see the impact of bills on crime and also what drives bills to be proposed/discussed. Impactometer was developed at a parliament hack event organised by Rewired State in London over a weekend.



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FeedFinder: A Location-Mapping Mobile Application for Breastfeeding Women
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Associated Projects

  • Four Corners
    Four Corners allows a photographer to add context to their photographs and is a collaboration between Open Lab, the World Press Photo Foundation, based in Amsterdam, and the International Centre for Photography, New York. Four Corners shows the read...
    August 30, 2011
  • Affinity - Create4Dementia Hack
      The Create4Dementia hack event hosted 50+ hackers with skills in software, design and healthcare to develop innovative technologies for those living with dementia in 24 hours. The team from Open Lab - Team Sonar - consisted of Andy Garbet...
    August 30, 2011
  • App Movement - Community Commissioning of Mobile Technologies
    App Movement is a platform that was developed at Open Lab which enables any individual, community or organisation to propose, design and automatically generate a multi-platform mobile application. The platform raises research questions around...
    August 30, 2011
  • School in the Cloud web platform
    The School in the Cloud combines SOLEs and the Granny Cloud together through seven experimental facilities funded by the TED prize. In addition, countless teachers around the world are using SOLEs in various forms. Made by Many developed the first vers...
    August 30, 2011
  • Impact-o-meter
    Rewired State Parliament Hackathon kicked off Parliament week with a two day hack weekend on the 16th and 17th of November Hub Westminster (http://westminster.impacthub.net/). The weekend attracted some of the best developers and designers from ac...
    August 30, 2011
  • FeedFinder
    We have been working with local women and community breastfeeding groups to create a breastfeeding mapping mobile application called FeedFinder. In our initial design work we found that women had felt trapped in their house in the early days of h...
    August 30, 2011
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