Amey Holden | Research Associate

Amey Holden

I now work at IBM, but during my time at Open Lab I worked on the TRUMP (A Trusted Platform for the Self-Management of Chronic Illness) project, supporting the participatory design strand designing Health systems to support patients and families with depression, patients and families with diabetes and their primary health carers in rural India.

I also contributed to the organization and running of some other projects within the Digital Interaction group around the use of sensors with horses in the fields of dressage and animal welfare.

I recently gained a first class honors in BSc (Information Systems with Business) at Newcastle University where my final year dissertation was awarded ‘Outstanding Project by a Stage 3 Information Systems Student’. The project carried forward work at the Culture Lab of an exercise game designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease, I planned and conducted multiple participatory design sessions with Parkinson’s Disease patients to create design principles for future development of such games.

My main research interests are in the domains of HCI and health, whilst in my spare time I have a passion for horses.


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