Daniel Jamieson

daniel.jamieson@newcastle.ac.uk | Doctoral Trainee

Daniel Jamieson

I'm a doctoral trainee at Open Lab in the School of Computing Science. I finished my bachelor's degree at Newcastle University and began working here as a Research Assistant, where I worked on projects involving wearable sensors and multi-touch multi-user interactions as well as the analysis of accelerometry data from osteoarthiritis and sarcoma patients.

I began my PhD in 2014. My research focuses on movement quality assessment with applications in the domain of healthcare & well-being. I am interested in how we can apply machine learning techniques to healthcare and fitness applications, and right now I am working on wearable technologies to improve stroke rehabilitation.


Wristband Accelerometers to motiVate arm Exercise after Stroke (WAVES): study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial
Moore SA, Da Silva R, Balaam M, Brkic L, Jackson D, Jamieson D, Ploetz T, Rodgers H, Shaw L, van Wijck F, Price C, Trials
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