Rob Thompson | Doctoral Trainee

Rob Thompson

My research interests lie in the domain of computational behaviour analysis for animals. I am developing novel techniques for using wearable technology to facilitate a better understanding of animal behaviour. Through my work I aim to develop methods and applications that allow us to guide the improvement of animal welfare and gain a better understanding of how animals behave in both natural and industrial settings.

I started my PhD studies in August 2014, supervised by Ilias Kyriazakis (from the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development) and Thomas Plötz.

I graduated from the School of Computing Science in 2012 with a dissertation in Artificial Intelligence methods to solve combinatorial optimisation problems in the field of Employee Scheduling.


Freedom to lie: How farrowing environment affects sow lying behaviour assessment using inertial sensors
Thompson RJ, Matthews S, Plotz T, Kyriazakis I, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture549-557


Use of accelerometer activity monitors to detect changes in pruritic behaviors: Interim clinical data on 6 dogs
Wernimont SM, Thompson RJ, Mickelsen SL, Smith SC, Alvarenga IC, Gross KL, Sensors


Dancing with Horses: Automated Quality Feedback for Dressage Riders
Thompson R, Kyriazakis I, Holden A, Olivier P, Plotz T, 2015 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing325-336

Associated Projects

  • Computational analysis of behaviour to detect and predict disease in animals.
    Livestock are a key component in the Human food-chain. Ensuring their wellbeing is therefore of critical importance. In today's food aware society, maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare is a top priority of food producers. Animals whose h...
    August 30, 2011
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