Rob Thompson | Doctoral Trainee

Rob Thompson

My research interests lie in the domain of computational behaviour analysis for animals. I am developing novel techniques for using wearable technology to facilitate a better understanding of animal behaviour. Through my work I aim to develop methods and applications that allow us to guide the improvement of animal welfare and gain a better understanding of how animals behave in both natural and industrial settings.

I started my PhD studies in August 2014, supervised by Ilias Kyriazakis (from the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development) and Thomas Plötz.

I graduated from the School of Computing Science in 2012 with a dissertation in Artificial Intelligence methods to solve combinatorial optimisation problems in the field of Employee Scheduling.

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Associated Projects

  • Automated Detection of Health and Welfare Problems in Pigs
    Justification Subclinical & clinical disease are the main factors responsible for pig system inefficiency, resulting in reductions in productivity and pig welfare. Currently, disease detection is done through human observation or diagnosti...
    August 30, 2011
  • Computational analysis of behaviour to detect and predict disease in animals.
    Livestock are a key component in the Human food-chain. Ensuring their wellbeing is therefore of critical importance. In today's food aware society, maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare is a top priority of food producers. Animals whose h...
    August 30, 2011
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