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Vasilis Vlachokyriakos

My work centres on designing, developing and evaluating novel, digitally-enabled models of citizen participation that engage communities in developing the future of local service provision, decision-making and democracy.

I am currently running the Open Lab: Athens initiative. OLAthens, through the engagement with the social and solidarity economy in Greece and the embedding of researchers in contexts of civic significance, aims at: designing and developing digital systems to facilitate and extend the civic activities of solidarity structures (e.g. systems for logistics, communications, decision-making etc.); and to invent digital systems that will extend the solidarity economy by embedding its values (i.e. equity, cooperation, environmental sustainability etc.) in the design of systems for wider reach.

My previous research projects have involved a set of experiments into participatory methods in digital systems. Before starting as a RA, I mainly worked on my PhD project which was an experiment into participatory methods in voting systems. This involved a deeper examination of democracy and the different avenues that it can be manifested in the local and national scale in addition to the distinctive participatory types that these democratic practices entail. These participatory types ranging from the mere act of casting a ballot to more profuse citizen involvement, such as political deliberation and contestation, requires us to reconsider how technology can support democracy through the careful configuration and design of e-voting systems.

More generally, I am interested in the intersection of open source software and the solidarity economy, e-participation (e-deliberation, e-contestation), e-democracy and human computer interaction (HCI).

For more information visit: Open Lab:Athens and my scholar profile.


Infrastructuring the Solidarity Economy: Unpacking Strategies and Tactics in Designing Social Innovation
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HCI, solidarity movements and the solidarity economy
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BallotShare: Exploring the design space of digital voting in a workplace environment
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BallotShare: An exploration of the design space for digital voting in the workplace
Vlachokyriakos V, Dunphy P, Taylor N, Comber R, Olivier P, Computers in Human Behavior433-443

Associated Projects

  • BallotShare
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    August 30, 2011
  • PosterVote
    PosterVote is an artifact that allows sustainable electronic voting by dropping the development and maintenance costs, while increasing the potential for social movements to engage in action and for communities to support and respond to such act...
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  • Exploring the design space of digital voting for participation
    This PhD project is an experiment into participatory methods in voting systems. Its goal is to explore how electronic voting and electronic democracy applications can support different types of participation (e.g. direct push-button democracy, del...
    August 30, 2011
  • Digital Cheque Book
    In the research stage of the “New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old” project, we conducted interviews with people aged eighty and upwards to understand the ways they managed their finances and any struggles they had with aspects of the curre...
    August 30, 2011
  • Cheque Scanner-Shredder
    Although many older people – and particularly the 'eighty somethings' that took part in the New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old project – rely on the traditional cheque as a means for making payments, they are equally aware that cheques a...
    August 30, 2011
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