Rosanna | Doctoral Trainee


Before joining Open Lab, I came from a philosophy background, with specific interests in the commodification of the body, political philosophy and aesthetics. To expand my ability to apply the theoretical frameworks identified from my humanities background, I undertook a master’s in Computer Science, completing my thesis within Open Lab. The focus of my thesis was concerned with developing a machine-learning Android application with an incorporation of Bluetooth Low Energy to determine whether a social interaction had occurred and providing a tool for people to provide qualitative feedback on the experience.

My current research interests are in local democracy and how technology can be used to support individuals within these groups. I have broader interests in:

  • Identity formation and methods of communication within social activism groups
  • The ways in which technology can be used to quantify the body
  • Women’s rights, gender, sexuality and health

On the rare occasions when I’m spotted outside the Lab or not sobbing over code that won’t work, people have reported seeing me at the cinema, bird spotting, cycling and hiking up mountains.

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