Lin Jiun-Shian | Doctoral Trainee

Lin Jiun-Shian

My main skill is graphic design and using Arduino and Processing to apply interactive interfaces and artworks, and my Masters degree is in Digital Arts. What I’ve been most interested in is the exploration of possibilities between tradition and modernity. For example, I made two interactive artworks, “Face / Fate” and “Avatar”, which contained concepts of Chinese face reading (physiognomy) and traditional Chinese rite guiding participants to experience the Chinese traditional culture.

In Taiwan, I was part of a project called “ZEN – Research on Creative Meditation Space for Ease and Mindfulness” hosted by the National Science Council (NSC). We used wireless sensor networks (WSN), bio-sensing technology, information visualization, and multimedia design to construct a “creative interactive Zen meditation space”, which contained humanistic and artistic content and intelligent environmental sensing technologies to assist Zen meditation training (sitting meditation and walking meditation).

Recently, I have also become interested in the bio-sensing and aesthetics in data visualization as well as mindfulness topics. As mindfulness relates to self-awareness and pressure release, I believe people could be aware of their own mental and physical condition better by using an appropriate interactive app and more suitable visual feedback.

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Associated Projects

  • The Break-Time Barometer
    The Break-Time Barometer is a social awareness system, which was developed as part of an exploratory study of the use of situated sensing and displays to promote cohesion in a newly-dispersed workplace. The Break-Time Barometer specifically aims to...
    August 30, 2011
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