Angelika Strohmayer | Doctoral Trainee

Angelika Strohmayer

I completed my BEd in Primary School Education in Linz, Austria with a focus on reform pedagogies and creative and dramatic practice within english as a second language learning. After completing several internships in the field of education and creative practices with orphanages, schools, and social service providers, I completed a MA in Education focusing on International Development. Within this programme, I investigated learning networks, local learning ecologies and natural learning among adults experiencing homelessness in Bucharest, Romania envisioning potentials for HCI and digital technologies. Currently, I have a broad interest in learning, social justice, feminisms, and digital technologies.


Exploring Learning Ecologies among People Experiencing Homelessness
Strohmayer A, Comber R, Balaam M, 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems2275-2284
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