Tim Walton

t.walton3@ncl.ac.uk | Doctoral Trainee

Tim Walton

I am a PhD student exploring the topic of The Quality of Experience of Next Generation Audio. This research project, which commenced in October 2014, is a collaboration between BBC Research and Development and Open Lab at Newcastle University.

"The next generation of audio reproduction technology has the potential to deliver immersive and personalised experiences to the user; multichannel with-height loudspeaker arrays and binaural techniques offer 3D audio experiences, whereas object-based techniques offer possibilities of adapting content to suit the system, context and user. A fundamental process in the advancement of such technology is perceptual evaluation. It is crucial to understand how listeners perceive new technology in order to drive future developments. This project explores the experience provided by next generation audio technology by taking a quality of experience (QoE) approach to evaluation."

Prior to this project I lived in Denmark for two years whilst studying for a master’s degree in Acoustic Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen. This degree gave me a broad knowledge of acoustics including loudspeaker and microphone design, room acoustics and hearing science. My thesis was on Near-Field Reconstruction of Sound Fields Using a Rigid-Sphere Microphone Array and investigated a new method of predicting and visualising sound fields for use in noise identification. My bachelor degree is in Physics with Music Technology from Keele University and whilst there I undertook an exchange semester at Dalhousie University, Canada.

For information on my publications, please see my Google Scholar Profile.

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