Shichao Zhao | Doctoral Trainee

Shichao Zhao

Shichao Zhao is a PhD student within the Open Lab, Newcastle University. His research interest involves human computer interaction, digital cultural heritage (especially intangible cultural heritage) and interaction design.

Prior to his studies at Newcastle University, Shichao lived in China where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Fine arts, as well as his master’s degree in Interactive Media at Zhejiang University. During the period of his studies, he used to be a Chinese ink painter during his undergraduate study, which was later followed by being a research designer at International Design Institute (IDI) of Zhejiang University. During this period, he gained an extensive background of academic research experience from working with communities such as Casio, Philips and Alibaba. The main projects which he focused on were artistic interaction design projects aimed for the elderly.

Shichao aims to continue exploring his research interests through his current PhD in Computer Science in Open Lab, Newcastle University in which he intends to continue working on his ongoing research into using interactive digital media to support cross-cultural aesthetic appreciation of gestural intangible cultural heritage; and enhancing the appreciation of traditional Chinese painting using interactive technology.

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