Sara Nabil | Doctoral Trainee

Sara Nabil

Sara is a researcher, designer and educator, her work spanning interaction design, interior design and physical computing. She is currently a PhD student and an HCI researcher at Open Lab, Newcastle University, where her work centers around Ubiquitous Environments from the lens of Architecture and Interior Design.

Driven by a vision where the future interior designs would no longer have to be static, Sara is investigating ways we could potentially design and build interiors that are context-aware, dynamic, changeable and `living'; responding to our implicit and intuitive interactions to meet our needs, support our well-being and improve the quality of living.

Sara's current research is about novel interfaces that are soft, flexible and dynamic, with a particular focus on building OUIs (Organic User Interfaces). She is interested in how we can embed interior spaces with interactivity using soft electronics, e-textiles and smart materials that are malleable, shape-changing or colour-changing. And studying how will people perceive, interact and live with interactive interior spaces.

Her background including both a BSc in Computing and an MSc in OUI design from Helwan University, Egypt. Sara is also a Lecturer and Module-Leader of HCI at the MSA University, Egypt. Prior to that, her professional experience includes 4 years in Interior Design and 6 years in the Technology sector as a Sr. Software Engineer and a Web Developer.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys acrylic and oil painting among other craft and `making' hobbies.



For an updated list of Sara's publications and patents please visit her google scholar page.


Decorating public and private spaces: Identity and pride in a refugee camp
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Interactive Architecture: Exploring and Unwrapping the Potentials of Organic User Interfaces
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Future of Ubiquitous Home Interaction with OUI Interiors
Nabil S, Kirk D, Ploetz T, CHI'16 Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Workshop on Future of Human-Building Interaction (HBI)

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    August 30, 2011
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