Delvin Varghese | Doctoral Trainee

Delvin Varghese

I am a researcher and doctoral candidate at Open Lab, where I research the role of technology in the training of volunteers in the global South. Currently, I am working in collaboration with the Swedish Red Cross and Centre for International Development, Northumbria University on the VICE Project. This project is looking at how digital platforms can help local (and under-resourced) volunteers in disaster and conflict settings to facilitate peer-led training.

My previous project, Citizen Tagger was a mobile platform that facilitates the tagging of audio-based chat-show content. Users can listen to a pre-recorded show or a live show (for example, one run using Citizen Radio), and add unstructured text or audio tags as they listen to the show.

Before joining Open Lab, I spent four years in Bangor, Wales where I was supervised by Prof. Jonathan Roberts, I developed a keen interest in Visual Analytics (hoping to publish a paper soon, on a summary visualisation tool we created). I also did some work around Color Calibration and Colorimetry.
For more information, please see my Open Lab profile.

You can reach me at me[at]delv[dot]in.

Keywords: Volunteer Training, Digital Civics, ICTD, International Development
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