Euijin Hwang | Doctoral Trainee

Euijin Hwang

Euijin is a PhD candidate in the Open Lab, the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University. He has an interest about a long-distance emotional communication focusing on the relationship between international students and their families. He is under the supervision of professor Patrick Olivier for his PhD research.

He is also a designer. He used to work in a variety of fields of design: product design, graphic design, media contents design (web and mobile application), and interaction design (e.g. display and exhibition). He grew up in Republic of Korea, and he got his BFA in Industrial Design at Kyung Hee University. Afterwards, he went to the United States for his Master’s degree. He studied Digital Media Design at New York University, and at the same time he worked at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) as an internship and a freelancer designer. He loves interaction design. He held or helped many exhibitions and fairs: Maker faire in New York (2013), New York Comic Con (2013), TedxYouth at Columbia University (2013), Seoul Living Design Fair (2010), Designer’s Party (2010) and so on.

Before joining the Open Lab, he worked at a design consultancy, KEIT, for a few months (2015), and found a strong needs for studying the field of Human-computer Interaction (HCI). He explores meaningful ways to design the system. If you have anything to discuss with him, do not hesitate to contact. Here is his e-mail address:


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