Lydia Michie | Doctoral Trainee

Lydia Michie

Coming from a background in human geography at the University of Liverpool, I first became interested in women’s sexual health after undertaking my dissertation in Mississippi, where I explored the relationship between religion, sexuality and abstinence education in the Bible Belt. I then moved to Newcastle University to study a Master of Public Health and continued to focus my research on women’s health, this time exploring the challenges of caring for and supporting victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the North East of England. I have been working in Open Lab over the summer developing this research further in order to consider the implications for HCI design that aims to raise awareness and community consciousness around FGM.

In addition to this research, I am currently involved in ongoing collaborative work between Open Lab and Changing Lives, a local charity that provides specialist support for sex workers. The aim of this collaboration is to work together with the charity and its service users to design and create digital tools to aid in their day to day lives. I hope to continue my research along the intersect of gender, sexuality, health and technology and to further explore how HCI can offer novel ways of addressing issues in this field.

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