Jay Rainey

j.rainey2@ncl.ac.uk | Doctoral Trainee

Jay Rainey

I'm a PhD researcher interested in modernising qualitative research methods by embedding these within technologies. My research investigates the challenges and feasibility of this, and examines the use of these technologies by communities for data collection and dissemination, and the processes of consent to make this data publicly available. I explore these overlapping themes through the design of technologies (commissioning platforms and mobile applications) that I deploy across varying contexts to understand their use more broadly.

Prior to Open Lab, I studied Computer Science at Cardiff University where I also worked as a research assistant developing software that explored the feasibility of autonomous SMS conversations for delivering health interventions to patients after visiting a treatment centre. During these studies, I took a year-long placement in industry where I developed software for material science data analysis.

Keywords: research methods, community commissioning, crowd-work, new-media, social citizen-science

You can find me as @jawrainey around the web.

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