Jennifer Manuel | Doctoral Trainee

Jennifer Manuel

I am a first year Doctoral Trainee in Digital Civics. Following the completion of my BA in Town Planning at Newcastle University, I worked for a local charity where I developed and facilitated a number of community participation projects including facilitating one of the first frontrunner Neighbourhood Planning projects. The experience I gained from this role sparked my interest in community participation. More recently, I worked at another local charity as a Research Coordinator developing and leading patient and public participation in health service reviews using qualitative research methods.

I recently completed my Masters in Town Planning with a strong focus on participation. Within this programme I explored the viability of a youth engagement facility within the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University and I carried out research to compare the challenges faced by engagement practitioners across the planning and health sectors.

I am interested in the role that technology can play in improving community participation in both planning and health.

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