John McCarthy | Visiting Professor

John McCarthy

John McCarthy is a Professor of Applied Psychology in University College Cork, Ireland and leads the People and Technology research group there. He has over 20 years experience working in HCI in York, Limerick, and Cork. He is currently Visiting Research Fellow at Open Lab University of Newcastle UK, and has previously held a Visiting Professorship at Sodertorn University College in Stockholm, and has also had visiting research relationships with DIRC, a UK EPSRC Interdisciplinary Research Network, and the Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick.

His research is concerned with understanding the influence of emerging social, personal, and work technologies on people’s lived experience, and using that understanding to inform design of usable and enriching technologies. He has published many papers in this area and two books. The books have focused on conceptualising  user experience with technology and on critically engaging with contemporary methods of experience-centred design, the design of technologies and services based on people’s relevant experience, often entailing the participation of those people in the design process as experts on their own experience. Hi current research is on the design and experience of technologies and services to support people who are vulnerable, for example older people who have difficulty coping (e.g. people with dementia) and people with health-related difficulties. This work is geared toward ensuring that technology design is oriented to what matters to people who live with it, by making lived experience a primary reality in practice and discourse on relations between people and technology.

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