Ko-Le Chen

k.l.chen2@newcastle.ac.uk | Doctoral Trainee

Ko-Le Chen

I joined the Digital Interaction group in 2012 as a PhD student supervised by David Kirk. My proposed project aims to explore the practices of academic research dissemination. My fieldwork are organised around a workplace and people's everyday routine. Through ethnographic studies and design workshops, I wish to develop new media for research dissemination as a way to further interrogate research dissemination as a global phenomenon.


I grew up in Taiwan before completing an undergraduate degree in Science at St Andrews University (2007). In 2008 I joined Culture Lab as a Digital Media (MRes) student and remained affiliated as a freelance research assistant, video maker and Open Lab Radio manager after completing the course. I have previously worked as a director’s PA at OFFPW (an experimental theatre company in Taipei) and as a freelance artist for various public research and art projects in the UK.


Client perpetuated violence and condom failure among female sex workers in south western China
Choi SYP, Chen KL, Jiang ZQ, Sexually Transmitted Diseases141-146


Gender and HIV risk behaviour among intravenous drug users in Sichuan Province, China
Choi SYP, Cheung YW, Chen KL, Social Science & Medicine1672-1684

Associated Projects

  • Recording Scholarly Throughts
    In many disciplines video is becoming a major vehicle for dissemination, and documentary videos are often presented as evidence for research in conferences. However, I would like to suggest that video has its limitations and researchers need to...
    August 30, 2011
  • Lovers' Box
    The Lovers’ Box is a digital artefact designed to engage couples in reflections on their relationship. Users open their personalised wooden box with a key that they then place on an RFID reader inside to play a recorded message. This can be anything ...
    August 30, 2011
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