Adrian Clear | Visiting Researcher

Adrian Clear

Adrian is a Senior Research Associate working on the EPSRC Pervasive Sensing for Collaborative Facilities Management project.

Previously, he worked as a Senior Research Associate in the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University, where he is a member of the Socio-Digital Sustainability (SDS) research group. At Lancaster, Adrian was researcher co-investigator on the EPSRC-funded Research in the Wild project entitled Encouraging low carbon food shopping with ubicomp interventions. He has recently worked on the EPSRC-funded TEDDI project, Informing energy choices using ubiquitous computing and the ESRC-funded Sustainability project, Sustainable Carbon Counters.

His current research work is focused on environmentalism and comfort in the workplace. He is also interested in sustainability in domestic environments, qualitative and quantitative methods, sensor data analysis, infovis, and designing digital technologies for for reshaping everyday practices in more sustainable ways. Prior to his work at Lancaster, Adrian completed his PhD, titled 'Engineering pervasive systems using interactive visualisation', at UCD Dublin before working as a postdoctoral researcher at Orange Labs, Grenoble in the area of sensor data fusion for home automation and sustainable living.

Adrian's research interests include ubiquitous computing, HCI, context-awareness, sustainability, quantitative and qualitative study methods, and information visualisation.


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