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Anne Preston

I now work at Kingston University, but at Newcastle I was a Research Fellow in SOLE Central. I hold an MA in Applied Linguistics and Research Methods and a PhD in Applied Linguistics. My PhD looked at how teachers and students communicate in classrooms and how this can have an impact on their motivation as a dynamic construct rather than a fixed 'mind-set'.  I collaborated with staff and doctoral trainees in Open Lab for the past four years around the design and evaluation of technologies to support the future of learning and digital education. I started off collaborating on the design and evaluation of a context-aware system for language learning (LanCook). This got me interested in how technologies like sensors can more seamlessly be integrated into different learning environments to make learning more interactive and student-led. Later on, I collaborated on the development of evaluation approaches to group interactions with and around multitouch tabletop technologies for collaborative learning. From this, I learned more about adaptive learning technologies and the role of the teacher within this set-up.  Until 2016 I worked with researchers and doctoral trainees in Open Lab to develop different approaches to self-organised learning and the integration of Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE) into in- and outside school, Higher Education, Adult and work-place learning contexts. In the all of these areas, I have a particular interest in micro-analytical approaches to understanding the role of technology for education in everyday life as well as the development of new research methodologies to enable more open, inclusive and democratic ways of designing for and representing people’s experiences with new technologies in education. Tweet me @Prestontales

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Associated Projects

  • LanCook
    Following the success of the “Language Learning in the Wild” project, which used the Ambient Kitchen as a platform for Task-Based Learning of French, we began working with the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences on a broader Eu...
    August 30, 2011
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