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Dan Jackson

I am a Senior Research Associate at Open Lab. My research is in the areas of ubiquitous computing and technologies that support health and wellbeing. I helped to establish the Open Movement platform (www.openmovement.co.uk), whose AX3 device has been widely used in movement research and population studies. This has underpinned my recent work focussed on movement sensing with wearable computing, including projects supporting people with conditions such as Parkinson's and stroke. More broadly in health and wellbeing, my projects have included systems to support exergaming and safe walking for people with degenerative conditions, video coaching, reflection within counselling, population weight-loss, and nutrition. Previous work includes sensor-instrumented environments that assist their users, for education or additional support. More widely my research has involved novel interaction technologies with media, mobile devices, tabletop surfaces, telepresence and virtual/augmented environments.




Feasibility of parent communication training with remote coaching using smartphone apps
Stockwell K, Alabdulqader E, Jackson D, Basu A, Olivier P, Pennington L, International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders265-280


Proceedings of SRR: Wristband accelerometers to motivate arm exercise after stroke (WAVES): A pilot randomized controlled trial
Da Silva RH, Moore SA, Van Wijck F, Shaw L, Rodgers H, Jackson D, Balaam M, Sutcliffe L, Brkic L, Ploetz T, Price CI, The Society of Research in Rehabilitation 40th Anniversary and Winter Meeting
Wristband accelerometers to motivate arm exercise after stroke (WAVES): Activity data from a pilot randomised controlled trial
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Developing technology to enhance learning interpersonal skills in counsellor education
Murphy D, Slovak P, Thieme A, Jackson D, Olivier P, Fitzpatrick G, British Journal of Guidance and CounsellingEpub ahead of print
Prototyping Ubiquitous Imaging Surfaces
Montague K, Jackson D, Br&#252, hwiler T, Bartindale T, Wilkinson G, Olivier P, Hilliges O, Ploetz T, 2017 Conference on Designing Interactive Systems203-207
Understanding the Therapeutic Coaching Needs for Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy
Alabdulqader E, Stockwell K, Montague K, Jackson D, Balaam M, Monk A, Olivier P, Pennington L,
Iterative Development of an Online Dietary Recall Tool: INTAKE24
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A study of wrist-worn activity measurement as a potential real-world biomarker for late-life depression
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Large scale population assessment of physical activity using wrist worn accelerometers: The UK biobank study
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Wristband Accelerometers to motiVate arm Exercise after Stroke (WAVES): study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial
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A study of wrist-worn activity measurement as a potential real-world biomarker for late life depression
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Challenges for Designing new Technology for Health and Wellbeing in a Complex Mental Healthcare Context
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CueS: cueing for upper limb rehabilitation in stroke
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The NULevel trial of a scalable, technology-assisted weight loss maintenance intervention for obese adults after clinically significant weight loss: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial
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CueS: Cueing for Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Stroke
Holden A, McNaney R, Balaam M, Thompson R, Hammerla N, Ploetz T, Jackson D, Price C, Brkic L, Olivier P, 2015 British HCI Conference18-25
Iterative development of an online dietary recall tool, INTAKE24
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Designing for and with People with Parkinson's: A Focus on Exergaming
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Can a kitchen teach languages? Linking theory and practice in the design of context-aware language learning environments
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Panopticon as an eLearning support search tool
Nicholson J, Huber M, Jackson D, Olivier P, CHI '14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems1221-1224
The French digital kitchen: Implementing task-based language teaching beyond the classroom
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RedTag: automatic content metadata capture for cameras
Bartindale T, Jackson D, Ladha K, Mellor S, Olivier P, Wright P, TVX '14 Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video19-22 
Augmenting the servicescape with ubiquitous interactive surfaces: Fibreshelf technology
Willems K, Lauriers R, Schoening J, Krueger A, Jackson D, Ploetz T, Olivier P, AMA SERVSIG International Service Research Conference
Retraining function in people with Parkinson’s disease using the Microsoft kinect: game design and pilot testing
Galna B, Jackson D, Schofield G, McNaney R, Webster M, Barry G, Mhiripiri D, Balaam M, Olivier P, Rochester L, Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation1-12
Relational approach to knowledge engineering for POMDP-based assistance systems as a translation, of a psychological model
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Occupancy Monitoring using Environmental & Context Sensors and a Hierarchical Analysis Framework
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Kitchen as Classroom: Shifting perspectives in the design and evaluation of new technologies for learning
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Accuracy of the Microsoft Kinect sensor for measuring movement in people with Parkinson’s disease
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The Break-Time Barometer: An Exploratory System for Workplace Break-time Social Awareness
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Nowacka D, Ladha K, Hammerla NY, Jackson D, Ladha C, Rukzio E, Olivier P, CHI' 13 SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems759--762
FoodBoard: Surface Contact Imaging for Food Recognition
Pham C, Jackson D, Schoening J, Bartindale T, Ploetz T, Olivier P, ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp)


Panopticon: A Parallel Video Overview Technique
Jackson D, Olivier P, School of Computing Science Technical Report Series7
The French Kitchen: Task-Based Learning in an Instrumented Kitchen
Hooper C, Preston A, Balaam M, Seedhouse P, Jackson D, Pham C, Ladha C, Ladha K, Ploetz T, Olivier P, 14th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Ubicomp)193-202
Can a kitchen teach me French?: Using digital technology to learn French language and cuisine
Preston A, Seedhouse P, Olivier P, Jackson D, Heslop P, Wagner J, Ploetz T, Ali S, Francophonie


Distributed event processing for activity recognition
Suresh V, Ezhilchelvan P, Watson P, Pham C, Jackson D, Olivier P, DEBS '11 Proceedings of the 5th ACM international conference on Distributed event-based system371-372
N-backer: An auditory n-back task with automatic scoring of spoken responses
Monk A, Jackson D, Nielsen D, Jefferies E, Olivier P, Behavior Research Methods888-896
Towards a pervasive kitchen infrastructure for measuring cooking competence
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Distributed Event Processing For Activity Recognition
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Design and prototype of a device to engage cognitively disabled older adults in visual artwork
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The IRIS network of excellence: Future directions in interactive storytelling
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FiberBoard - Compact multi-touch display using channeled light
Jackson D, Bartindale T, Olivier P, The ACM International Conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS)25-28
ePAD: Engaging Platform for Art Development
Hoey J, Blunsden S, Richards B, Burns J, Bartindale T, Jackson D, Olivier P, Boder J, Mihailidis A, IJCAI'09 Workshop on Assisted Cognition (best paper)
IBookmark: Locative texts and place-based authoring
Sch&#246, ning J, Jackson D, Bartindale T, Kr&#252, ger A, Olivier P, Kitson J, 27th Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems3775-3780
FiberSense – Multi-touch Fibre Optic Sensing on Non-Planar Surfaces
Bartindale T, Jackson D, Olivier P, School of Computing Science Technical Report Series7
Smart Phone Interaction with Registered Displays
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Keeping In Touch Everyday (KITE) project: developing assistive technologies with people with dementia and their carers to promote independence
Robinson L, Brittain KR, Lindsay S, Jackson D, Olivier P, International Psychogeriatrics494-502
AMUC: Associated Motion Capture User Categories
Norman SJ, Lawson SEM, Olivier P, Watson P, Chan AMA, Dade-Robertson M, Dunphy P, Green D, Hiden H, Hook J, Jackson DG, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences2771-2780
Design and Prototype of a Device to Engage Cognitively Disabled Older Adults in Visual Artwork
Blunsden S, Richards B, Bartindale T, Jackson D, Olivier P, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments1-8


Display registration for device interaction a proof of principle prototype
Pears N, Olivier P, Jackson D, 3rd International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP)446-451
Enhancing privacy in public spaces through crossmodal displays
Cao H, Olivier P, Jackson D, Social Science Computer Review87-102


Mobile Devices in Crossmodal Interfaces
Cao H, Olivier P, Jackson D, Armstrong A, School of Computing Science Technical Report Series14
CROSSBOARD: Crossmodal Access of Dense Public Displays
Gilroy SW, Olivier P, Cao H, Jackson D, Kray C, Lin D, School of Computing Science Technical Report Series9
Crossmodal Ambient Displays
Olivier P, Cao H, Gilroy SW, Jackson DG, People and Computers XX - Engage. Proceedings of HCI 20063-16
Enhancing privacy in public spaces through crossmodal displays
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Data Services for Associated Motion Capture User Categories. AHRC/EPSRC E-Science Demonstrator EP/E005624/1
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Crossmodal Attention in Public-Private Displays
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Enhancing privacy in public spaces through crossmodal displays
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LEXICLECS: A Real-world Architecture for the Synthesis of Spontaneous Gesture
Olivier P, Jackson DG, Wiggins C, Computer Animation and Social Agents
Mobile Devices in Crossmodal Interfaces
Cao H, Olivier P, Jackson DG, Armstrong A, Pervasive: Workshop on Pervasive Mobile Interaction Devices (PERMID)

Associated Projects

  • Four Corners
    Four Corners allows a photographer to add context to their photographs and is a collaboration between Open Lab, the World Press Photo Foundation, based in Amsterdam, and the International Centre for Photography, New York. Four Corners shows the read...
    August 30, 2011
  • Panopticon: A Parallel Video Overview System
    Panopticon is a video surrogate system that displays multiple sub-sequences in parallel to present a rapid overview of the entire sequence to the user. A novel, precisely animated arrangement slides thumbnails to provide a consistent spatiotemporal...
    August 30, 2011
  • Touchbugs: Actuated Tangibles on Multi-Touch Tables
    Touchbugs is an open source hardware and software framework for a novel actuated tangible technology. Touchbugs are small tangibles that use directed bristles and vibration motors for actuation (giving them the ability to move independently). Their inf...
    August 30, 2011
  • RedTag
      RedTag is a custom electronic system for detecting the presence of people or objects within range of a special detector. Each tag emits a unique code for up to one month which can be received by small receivers. These receivers emit the code ...
    August 30, 2011
  • The Break-Time Barometer
    The Break-Time Barometer is a social awareness system, which was developed as part of an exploratory study of the use of situated sensing and displays to promote cohesion in a newly-dispersed workplace. The Break-Time Barometer specifically aims to...
    August 30, 2011
  • Spheres of Wellbeing
    The Spheres of Wellbeing are a set of artefacts specifically designed for a group of six women who live in the medium secure services of a forensic hospital in the UK. These women present a very vulnerable group due to the severity of their mental h...
    August 30, 2011
  • Activity Recognition to Improve Motor Performance in Parkinson's Disease
    Through sensors worn on the body or embedded into objects of daily use we can infer the activities performed by a subject. Extracting the characteristics of the data collected by these sensors, i.e. how these activities were performed, would be ben...
    August 30, 2011
  • Wearable Acoustic Monitor
    Current approaches to assessing a person's social wellbeing generally rely on subjective retrospective judgments by the person themselves at the time of the assessment. As part of the MRC-funded Monitoring Device to Objectively Assess Psychosocial Impa...
    August 30, 2011
  • TouchBridge
    TouchBridge was an active tangible marker system for optical based multi-touch surfaces. It built on a previously proposed method of marker tracking based upon the augmentation of physical objects with IR Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). In this previ...
    August 30, 2011
  • ShoeMote: Shoe-based Monitoring of Gait & Mobility
    Gait assessment techniques for post-operative and mobility-impaired patients generally involve the use of expensive clinic-based assessment technologies, utilising a range of gait analysis hardware (e.g. motion capture suites, force plates and pressure...
    August 30, 2011
  • n-backer
    Part of the Veritas Project
    August 30, 2011
  • Telematic Dinner Party
    In collaboration with Pollie Barden at Queen Mary, University of London, we explored how internet technology can help two remote groups in casual settings to interact with each other. We used a dinner party as the setting, as many people use meals as a...
    August 30, 2011
  • Embodied Selves in Transition: Disabled Young
    Currently, we do not know much about what it is like for young people with physical disabilities to transition into adolescence, how a physical disability can interact with their changing body and complicate societal assumptions about how an adolescent...
    August 30, 2011
  • Ambient Kitchen - Lite
    AK-Lite is a portable version of the Ambient Kitchen and is intended for real-world home-based deployments of our experiments in pervasive sensing and display for situated cooking support. AK-Lite consists of a set of utensils fitted with accelerometer...
    August 30, 2011
  • OpenMovement
    OpenMovement is a collection of opensource hardware sensors and software tools for research use. The sensors all feature a MEMS triaxial accelerometer as a base sensor but also contain other sensors for context. There are two types of OpenMovement sens...
    August 30, 2011
  • Ambient Kitchen
    The Ambient Kitchen is a platform for research in pervasive computing that was installed at Culture Lab in 2007. It is a proof-of-concept context-aware computing environment, originally designed to demonstrate the potential for technology to support ol...
    August 30, 2011
  • TEDDI: Building Management and Energy Demand
    This research project involves the design and development of a sensing infrastructure that consists of networked physical (e.g. presence sensors, power consumption sensors) and virtual (e.g. calendar and room booking sensors, application usage sensors)...
    August 30, 2011
  • CraftCube
    The CraftCube initiative presented new and exciting ways of displaying, interpreting and accessing contemporary craft with a focus on new technology. The aim of the research-based CraftCube series was to champion and expose to a broader audience practi...
    August 30, 2011
  • Traq
    Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of web logs (or blogs). These can provide an extensive, varied and regularly updated source of information on any number of topics, and offer subjective opinions that may differ greatly from ...
    August 30, 2011
  • Language Learning in the Wild
    Foreign languages are generally taught within a classroom setting using textbook exercises. Despite its wide usage, there are a number of problems with this approach. Students are only able to “rehearse” the language, rather than use it practically...
    August 30, 2011
  • Cueing Technology for Parkinsons
    Approximately 70% of people with Parkinson’s Disease experience problems with swallowing. The resulting build-up of saliva can cause drooling, which is often a source of embarrassment and puts the person at risk of choking or pneumonia if the saliv...
    August 30, 2011
  • Landscapes of Cross-Generational Engagement
    The Net Neighbours scheme, which ran throughout 2005, involved local volunteers shopping online for older people, creating an opportunity for intergenerational friendship through the provision of this service. The Landscapes of Cross-Generational Engag...
    August 30, 2011
    Although the potential of digital technology to assist older people and people with cognitive and physical impairments is huge, often technology is not designed in a way that fully takes into account the needs of these groups in terms of how access...
    August 30, 2011
  • SiDE: Social Inclusion through the Digital Economy
    SiDE is an interdisciplinary research project aimed at realising the potential for digital technologies to transform the lives of people who are socially excluded. Poor health, disability, family breakdown, poverty and unemployment are just some of the...
    August 30, 2011
  • Art Therapy Easels
    The Art Therapy Easels followed on from the Art Therapy tables. Their development was a collaboration with Jesse Hoey at the University of Waterloo. The easels we developed were fully adjustable, with a high resolution, highly sensitive multi-t...
    August 30, 2011
  • Art Therapy Tables
    During art therapy sessions, the therapist increases the level of art with which the client can engage if the client becomes distracted, thus bringing their focus back to the therapy. Dundee University developed a system that could monitor whether the ...
    August 30, 2011
  • FiberBoard
    Multi-touch displays offer a number of advantages over single-touch displays, such as enabling more than one person to use a device and allowing for multi-finger gestures. One kind of multi-touch technology uses infrared light (IR), which lies outside ...
    August 30, 2011
  • Landnote
    LandNote was developed as part of the Contested Common Land project. It was tool to provide interactive online maps for each of the case study areas examined as part of the project: Eskdale in Cumbria, Ingleton in North Yorkshire, the Elan and Claerwen...
    August 30, 2011
  • Keeping in Touch Every Day
    For the KITE (Keeping in Touch Every Day) project, we developed two prototype devices in collaboration with two people with dementia and their carers. The devices were intended to assist the particular individuals involved in the project in the mainten...
    August 30, 2011
  • KITE: Keeping in touch every day
    People with dementia commonly experience memory problems. A concern for both them and their carers, therefore, is that they will become lost while out alone. While not unreasonable, this can prevent the maintenance of healthy, useful and enjoyable pr...
    August 30, 2011
  • Contested Common Land
    This research project placed the sustainable management of Commons in historical perspective. Four case studies were used to illustrate the changing patterns of land use, differing management principles and regulatory mechanisms applied to common l...
    August 30, 2011
  • Vidipedia: Community Indexing for Audiovisual Material
    Video is the most popular media format, and the potential value hidden in the tens of millions of hours of footage in the world’s media archives is enormous. However, such a great volume of footage also means that it is very difficult to search w...
    August 30, 2011
  • AMUC: Associated motion capture user categories
    Performing arts use motion-capture tools for activities ranging from live productions to creative screen-bound works, choreographic notation and archiving. These activities have shaped original interdisciplinary platforms, combining artistic perfor...
    August 30, 2011
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