Holly Standing

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Holly Standing

I am a medical sociologist by background. My research interests focus on the impact that different forms of technology have on the body and constructions of identity. Through my PhD project I explored impact of living with a Ventricular Assist Device, a mechanical heart pump and alternative to heart transplantation. I used interpretive phenomenology to explore how individuals made sense of their life with the device, and how they reconfigure their perceptions of their body and identity in response to the impacts of the technology.

Prior to joining Open Lab my projects have mostly been health related, and focused mainly around ageing and end-of-life issues. Through my work in digital civics, I am hoping to explore issues surrounding technology and identity within social care. I am going to begin this with an ethnographic project looking at the role of technology in care homes. I will be observing how technologies are currently used (or not) as well as identifying areas where technological interventions may be beneficial for both carers and residents.

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Associated Projects

  • Wingrove
    The social lives of older people living in Wingrove
    Our project aims to explore how older people living in the Wingrove ward in Newcastle feel about their social lives, including their relationships with friends, family, neighbours and more informal contacts and connections. An individual’s experie...
    August 30, 2011
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