Jenny Liddle | Research Associate

Jenny Liddle

I am a Senior Research Associate working across Open Lab and the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University. My research interests include the everyday experiences of older people, and the development of innovative (digital) approaches to address societal challenges such as loneliness, isolation, health and care in later life.

After completing my degree in Psychology at the University of Durham, I spent two years working in a small business that manufactured and sold digital technology. I then took up a post at Keele University where I developed research interests in ageing and later life, and subsequently completed my MA and PhD in Social Gerontology. During my nine years working as a Research Associate, I worked with older people and health care professionals on a range of mixed methods studies to explore experiences of everyday life related to housing, health and care. These projects included the Longitudinal study of Ageing in a Retirement Community (LARC), the Patient Experiences of Gout study, a Hip Injection Trial (HIT) for patients with hip osteoarthritis, and a pilot trial of an integrated approach to improve care for people with long term conditions (ENHANCE).

My current work in the EPSRC-funded Digital Economy Research Centre (DERC) at Open Lab is exploring:

  • experiences and perceptions of connectedness, loneliness and isolation with older people living in the West End of Newcastle
  • the journeys and experiences of people interacting with Care and Repair Newcastle (CARN), in collaboration with colleagues in Newcastle City Council
  • new approaches to community service transformation with Gateshead Care Partnership
  • new methods of measuring social interaction using wearable digital technologies

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Associated Projects

  • Wingrove
    The social lives of older people living in Wingrove
    Our project aims to explore how older people living in the Wingrove ward in Newcastle feel about their social lives, including their relationships with friends, family, neighbours and more informal contacts and connections. An individual’s experie...
    August 30, 2011
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