Jayne Jeffries

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Jayne Jeffries

I am a human geographer by training and my research focuses on the way that disabled people (re)negotiate their everyday lives in the context of changing disabilities, health conditions and illnesses. My work draws on a ‘sense of place’ in the lived experiences of blind and visually impaired people; the normalising discourse of the Disability Discrimination Act in Newcastle upon Tyne; and the way that time and temporalities, including the histories, memories, routines and futures shape and are shaped by the way that disabled people live out their everyday lives.

In my PhD research I adopted a Participatory Action Research approach, enabling participants from the community and from locally based organisations associated with disability, health and illness to shape the research process; self-identifying with the research topic and making decisions regarding their participation and methods.

The temporal aspect of disabled people’s daily lives unfolded using mapping, photography, diary writing and talking, to understand the importance of material objects and recovery; emotion, affect and feeling ‘out of place’; the way that memories shape and are shaped by time; and the patterns and rhythms of ‘differently mobile bodies’.

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Associated Projects

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    August 30, 2011
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