Kiel Long | Research Associate

Kiel Long

My work in Open Lab is within two projects:

Loneliness in the Digital Age (LiDA): A multi-disciplinary research project investigating how people (who find themselves temporarily isolated or disconnected from their close relations and families) experience loneliness, and the role that digital technologies might play in both amplifying and counteracting such experiences.


CuRAtOR (Challenging online feaR And OtheRing): A multi-disciplinary research project investigating the cultures of fear that are propagated through online Othering; and how this can lead to subsequent mistrust and stigmatization of groups or communities. The project explores how new interactive digital experiences might be designed to counteract the resultant problematic outcomes of Othering, and lead to more critical and balanced online debate around contemporary socio-political issues.


I hold an M.A. in Creative Music Practice and an M.Res. in Digital Innovation. My doctoral research (HighWire CDT Lancaster University) questions on how interface and interaction design can invoke and enhance Mindful and Mindless interactions; and how such interactions can improve users understanding and experience when engaging with digital technologies.

My broader research interests center upon understanding and improving experience and knowledge for users of interactive technologies and environments; primarily how design choices may alter and impact such experiences. My practice involves physical computing, including prototype design, development and implementation (software and hardware), interactive media, and, affective computing/bio-feedback interactive systems (including eye-tracking and EEG technologies).

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