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Kyle Montague

My expertise and research interests include human-computer interaction, accessibility, wearable and mobile interaction, social computing, and healthcare technologies. The underpinning goal of my work has always been to create useful and usable technologies that improve people's access to information, products, and services. I am very much interested in exploring how we can use digital technologies to empower individuals in today’s society.

Currently, I am exploring:

  • technologies to support access to healthcare information for refugees by allowing these communities to commission and run their own radio shows over telephony networks from a smartphone device.
  • the activist role of digital technologies and personal informatics to capture evidence of the working conditions and pay models of home care workers
  • methods to improve the accessibility and learnability of touchscreen devices through new models of data donation and human-powered computing.
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Associated Projects

  • Wingrove
    The social lives of older people living in Wingrove
    Our project aims to explore how older people living in the Wingrove ward in Newcastle feel about their social lives, including their relationships with friends, family, neighbours and more informal contacts and connections. An individual’s experie...
    August 30, 2011
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