Neil Davidson | Doctoral Trainee

Neil Davidson

I am a Paediatrician (children's doctor) near the end of my training.  I am spending 2 years out of my training at Open Lab to complete a PhD as part of a National Institute of  Health Research (NIHR) Doctoral Research Fellowship.


I have a particular interest in adolescent healthcare and the challenging transitions young people make from Paediatric to adult health services.  I am also interested in medical education and how technology can support both patients and clinicians in the management of chronic health conditions.


I first made contact with Open Lab in October 2012 while developing a randomised controlled trial into a novel educational intervention for young people living with the risk of a severe allergic reaction to nuts (Educating adolescents at Risk of Anaphylaxis - The ERA Study).  This collaboration led to the development of the React app and The ERA Study has just finished the final follow-up phase (81 participants).


I have been awarded a 2 year Fellowship by the NIHR to perform an in-depth qualitative assessment of the ERA cohort and involve them in Participatory Design work to develop new tools to help them with managing their condition.  I will then use this experience with patients to co-develop technology-enhanced learning tools with medical students to improve their management of anaphylaxis.

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Associated Projects

  • React!
    React! is a web app designed and developed to support teenagers who are at risk of anaphylaxis (severe food allergies) and their friends in learning about the signs of different types of reactions and what to do in such circumstances. The app itsel...
    August 30, 2011
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