Sven Fischer | Research Associate

Sven Fischer

My background is in behavioural and experimental economics. I am generally interested in how people behave in strategic interactions and if confronted with very specific incentives, all with the overarching aim to better understand human social and economic behaviour.

In some of my more recent work, for example, we looked at how people cooperate voluntarily in situations where mutual cooperation is difficult to sustain as everyone has incentives to freeride on the effort and investment of others. We were specifically interested in what happens if a minority suffers from the cooperation of others in an environment where the majority could compensate this minority while still overall benefiting from cooperation.

Within digital civics, I want to continue this line of research. How can users of an internet platform, which is based on input from many unpaid contributors, be encouraged to spend time and effort to enrich the platform? This question is especially of interest in cases where users have very heterogeneous expectations, demands, and ideas about what overall purpose the platform should serve.

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